Body hair

If you are never shown something, you will believe it doesn’t exist or is wrong. One of the many stigmas attached to women's natural bodies is that body hair is ‘disgusting’ and ‘unhygienic’.


I have explored female body hair in a humorous and playful manner to provoke positive conversations about the stigmas and negative reactions attached to women embracing their natural bodies. Building on my strong love of bright bold design, I have created fun visuals of female body hair through comedic prints, garish material sampling and youthful design to celebrate its presence and a woman's choice to keep or remove it.


My designs include a hand printed ‘curly wurly’ mini dress, printed ‘smooth’ slogan t-shirt, tulle tiered dress, hand printed ‘curly wurly’ knickers, ‘tinsel pit’ harness, ‘prickly’ leg adornment and ‘shaggy’ shoes.